Session A: Secondary School [Day 1]

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9am – 11am | Icebreaker: Why do you want to be a writer?

Explores reasons behind the pursuit of writing.

THG editors and journalists share their experiences in pursuing a career in writing.

11am – 1pm | Keynote: What is news and what it takes to be a journalist?

A look into the ethics of journalism, different forms of writing and different forms of content (niches, beats and interests)

1pm – 2pm | Lunch break

Lunch will be sent to Participant’s home address (lunch in breakout groups)

2pm – 3pm | Breakout group discussion

Student will be assigned groups to discuss topics that interests them and challenges they might face

3pm – 5pm | Keynote: Understanding different kinds of publications

Explore the differences between newspapers, magazines, books, blogs, scientific journals and more.

5pm – 6pm | Closing

Appreciating being a journalist