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Two-Point Super Shot Rule Change Met With Surprise

For the 2020 season, Super Netball will introduce a controversial yet spectacular two-point super shot in the scoring system. This announcement took place just a month before the start of the delayed COVID-19 season, leaving not-so-positive reactions.

This new scoring opportunity will be executed in Australia’s top-level league where players shooting from a 1.9-meter zone on the outside periphery of the goal circle earns double points for a goal.

Players were given a chance to test out the new rule during a seven-a-side bushfire relief match in early March and in the past years in fast-five netball.

As per the reports from Super Netball, it will “blend the traditional game with the new”. It appears that this way, the game will be even more thrilling and perhaps produce unexpected twists, especially in the final five minutes of each quarter when the rule kicks in.

“With the ever-growing competition for the attention of fans, the time is right to introduce an innovation that will make the game even more dynamic and unpredictable,” said Super Netball CEO Chris Symington.

He added that the statistics from previous seasons of the Suncorp Super Netball suggests that most of the goals were scored with a 3-meter range of the goal post.

“We know that the long shot is statistically more challenging, but the game has always been predicated on the ability for our shooters to score from anywhere in the circle.”

But some were not pleased with the move. For the competition committee, whose duty included providing suggestions regarding the game to the governing body, did not know about the move to implement Super Shot until moments before Super Netball made its announcement.

Other additions to the netball rules have already been accepted, namely rolling substitutions kicking off next season and the addition of five minutes of extra-time for matches ending in a tie.

The season’s opening is predicted to take place on 1 August, which raised questions about the timing of the changes. The roasters have already been laid out and teams which do not have long-range shooters may be disadvantaged.

Simone McKinnis, Vixens head coach, said, “I was shocked … I know it’s something that’s been talked about for a while, but for it to be announced right now, it’s really come a bit out of the blue. Generally, I’m not a fan of it [these types of rule changes] but if that’s the decision that’s been made then we just get on with it.”

Syminton believes the Super Shot combined with the previously introduced rolling substitutions will showcase the world level skills of Australia’s athletes and create an  excitement that is on another level.

Fixtures for the 2020 season will be confirmed in the coming weeks.

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