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OCBC Cycle 2020 Virtual Ride

Here’s the good news: OCBC Cycle 2020 (9 – 10 May) will instead become a virtual ride. Held between 1 November and 15 November, it is a FREE event that consists of three categories: The Sportive VR (42km), The Straits Times VR (23km), and Mighty Savers® Kids VR (5km or 800m). Learn more

If you registered for OCBC Cycle 2020 (9 – 10 May) and wish to participate in OCBC Cycle 2020 Virtual Ride, you can register between 21 July and 28 August and update your mailing address to confirm your participation in the virtual ride.

If you registered under “Go Red” in OCBC Cycle 2020 (9 – 10 May), you will receive free event apparel as long as you sign up for the virtual ride by 28 August. Those who registered for “Go Freestyle” in OCBC Cycle 2020 (9 – 10 May) will not receive event apparel.

For those who registered as a group, the group’s point of contact will receive an email asking if the group is interested in joining the virtual ride. Further registration details for the individuals in the group will be sent to the point of contact if the group wishes to do so.

Everyone else can register for the virtual ride between 15 August and 2 October.

All participants of the virtual ride will get a free event medal and a free event tote bag.