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When Sports Meet Fashion: Nailing the Athleisure Look

Unlike most other fashion trends that go as fast as they come, athleisure is here to stay. So what exactly does refer to? Athleisure is when you wear sporty clothes for leisure activities other than workouts and is the answer to a chic and easy-to-wear style for the busy adult.

The trend started with sports shoes, as athletic brands diversified into everyday and leisure shoes. These everyday street kicks were comfortable and stylish, and eventually became a fashion trend in itself.

Soon, people started noticing the practicality of other workout attire like yoga pants and sports bras as everyday outfits. By having an outfit that can do everything like a HIIT class or a date, you reduce the need to carry around a change of outfit or extra clothes. These days, people barely bat an eye seeing someone with a jacket thrown over their gym outfit doing their grocery shopping or out for a meal.


And it’s not going anywhere.

Unlike the 1980s fad of brightly colored aerobics wear, athleisure also reflects a shift in people’s mindsets and lifestyle in the recent years. Adopting athleisure wear also fits in with the whole culture of wellness and self-improvement with the goal of living a healthy lifestyle. Think of juice cleanses, fitness classes, and any other health fads that help you to live a better life.

Even those who weren’t interested in working out saw the appeal of durable sportswear, marking the crossover into the non-athletic market.


Getting the look

Nailing the athleisure look is all about combining comfort, fashion, and practicality. Since we live such hectic lifestyles with multiple commitments, it’s not surprising that everybody wants convenience without having to give up style.

Sneakers and sports shoes are somewhat of a fashion statement these days, with some people even wearing them as their daily kicks. Yoga pants and sweatpants are also popular with those who are more active and want something that they can move around easily in. Experiment with hoodies, jackets, and tracksuits for a bit of an edge, yet versatile enough to match with your current wardrobe.

Some offices have also relaxed their dress code, but this doesn’t mean you can just head into the office in your gym gear. You’re going for a more casual style, so keep the loud colours and prints in the gym, and opt for solid tones like black and grey.


Staying true to yourself

Find pieces that compliment your personal style if you’re taking on the athleisure look from scratch. Since you’ll be mixing and matching clothes, choose pieces that can pair well with your current wardrobe staples. While neutrals are popular choices when shopping for athletic gear, bright patterns, and unusual patterns can double up as statement pieces too. Big sportswear brands like Nike and Fila are constantly dropping limited edition collaborations with celebrities that feature loud prints and interesting designs.

Don’t forget to accessorise too – baseball caps, sunglasses, and a rugged backpack takes your completed look from gym to street.

Be inspired

Want more fashion tips on fitting sports fashion into your everyday life? Watch these influencers and celebrities who have fully adopted street wear and athletic brands on the streets of Singapore!

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